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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Won’t your mobile service cost a lot more than service at a chain store?


A: Not necessarily! Our mobile service means we don’t have the overhead of traditional brick and mortar stores, keeping our prices competitive. Why hassle with the drive and waiting around for service? We save you time -- and money -- by coming to you. And, you get personalized service not sold in chain stores.

Q:  What else do you do besides hitches?

A:  Lots!  All towing related electrical components including brake controllers, as well as running boards, truck bed covers, small trailer repairs, roof rails and Jeep sunroofs.  Basically if it's an automotive accessory and can be realistically installed in your driveway, we're happy to do it! We're also happy to provide any needed accessories such as bike racks and cargo carriers.


Q: Do you need access to electricity or a garage to provide my mobile service? 


A: No. Our power tools are charged and ready to go, and we often work in driveways or parking lots. A covered space isn't needed as long as weather permits. 


Q: Can you work in the rain or other bad weather conditions? 

A: If bad weather presents a safety issue or installation issue, we can discuss an alternate site, or reschedule.  Cold weather can increase the risk of damage to plastic so some jobs can not be completed in the open if it's under 50 degrees.  For safety reasons, we don't work directly in the open if the "real feel" temperature is under 40, over 90, or if it is raining.

Q: Can you uninstall a hitch from my vehicle and install it on a different vehicle? 

A:  Sometimes.  We'll need to know the year, make, and model of both vehicles to determine compatibility. 

Q: How soon can I get a hitch installed? 

A: Because each hitch is specific to your vehicle year, make, and model, we don't order parts until you place an order. Once we receive the parts, we schedule your installation. We're typically booked out one to two weeks. However, please let us know if you have an urgent need and we'll do our best to accommodate your request. 

Q:  Are you available for installations on the evenings or weekends?

A:  Sort of.  Because we're able to meet the customer wherever they need us, we don't like to ask our installers to work outside of traditional business hours.  However, if you're willing to cover their overtime pay it can usually be arranged!

Q:  Do you have parts in stock?

A:  No.  By nature of being a mobile service we can only perform installations by appointment only and we can typically get parts quicker than we have an available appointment to install them.  This means is just doesn't make sense to keep parts on hand, which reduces our overhead, saving the customer money in the end.  

Q:  How did Aiken Hitch Start?

A:  Aiken Hitch and Outdoor began as Aiken Brothers sometime in the 1960's, no one who is still around remember's the exact year.  The company was started by three brothers, hence the name and sold automotive parts and commercial cleaning products.  The now well recognized brand Purple Power was a formula created by one of the Aiken brother's. The Aiken brother's offered services including snow chains, fender flairs, pressure washer sales and repair, and of course trailer hitches.  Justin Lawrentz began working at Aiken after college in the summer of 2016 and bought the company in 2019.  It was then that the company became a mobile service.  


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