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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your mobile service cost a lot more than service at a chain store?

Not necessarily!  Our mobile service means we don’t have the overhead of traditional brick and mortar stores, keeping our prices competitive. Why hassle with the drive and waiting around for service?  We save you time -- and money -- by coming to you.  And, you get personalized service not sold in chain stores.

What else do you do besides hitches?

Lots! All towing related electrical components, including brake controllers, running boards, roof rails, splash guards, and Jeep sunroofs.  If it's an automotive accessory that can be installed in your driveway, we're happy to do it! We also have bike racks, cargo carriers, and floor mats. Ask about our accessories!

Do you install Goosenecks or Fifth Wheels? 

No. The parts are difficult to transport to the job site, and the booking time is at least four hours, making it a job best done at a traditional shop. 


Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my installation?

Yes.  Please clean out your trunk prior to our arrival, ensuring it's free of all valuables and personal items, especially heavy or fragile items.  If we'll be working in a parking lot, please park in a place out of the way of traffic.  It's also a good idea to let security staff (if relevant) know to expect us.  Please do not use "tire shine" in the week prior to our arrival,  as we'll be working close to your tires, and the tire product gets messy for us and your vehicle. 


Do you need access to electricity or a garage to provide my mobile service? 


No.  Our power tools are charged and ready to go, and we often work in driveways or parking lots.  A covered space isn't needed as long as weather permits. 


Can you work in the rain or other bad weather conditions? 

It depends. If bad weather presents a safety issue, or installation issue, we can discuss an alternate site, or reschedule. Cold weather can increase the risk of damage to plastic, so some jobs can not be completed in the open outdoors if it's under 50 degrees.  For safety reasons, we don't work directly in the open if the "real feel" temperature is under 40, over 90, or if it is raining (wet parts can be slippery!)

 Do I need wiring? 

It depends on what accessories you want to use with your hitch. 

Wiring is NOT REQUIRED for these:

  • Bicycle Racks

  • Cargo Carriers

Wiring IS REQUIRED for these:

  • Towing Trailer

  • Light Bar

  • Accessories with Lights (unless solar)


What kind of wiring do I need? 


There are two types of wiring used with hitch accessories (pictured below):

  • 4-Way Flat Connector Plug (flat 4 plug)

  • 7-Way Connector Plug (7-way plug)


The images below show both the vehicle connector end and the trailer connector end for each plug. 

the connectors for both the vehicle side and the trailer side for use when towing. 

4-Way Flat Connector Plug
7-Way Trailer Connector Plug

Do not assume that because a trailer is small it will have a flat 4 plug, or because it's large it will have a 7 way plug. Trailers of all sizes can have either plug, and older or commercial trailers may have a different plug altogether. With few exceptions, we almost always install either a flat 4 plug only, or both a flat 4 plug and a 7-way plug.  


The 4-Way Flat Connector Plug (flat 4 plug) works as a connector to enable your vehicle brake lights to also power your trailer brake lights. The brake lights on your trailer will respond in tandem with your vehicle brake lights as you apply brakes when driving. For safety reasons, the brake lights on your trailer must be functional if you are driving at night, or anytime if your trailer obstructs your vehicle brake lights.


A flat 4 plug is not able to power a trailer's brakes, however. A brake controller is an accessory braking system that can be added to your vehicle to provide independent braking function for your trailer, in addition to your vehicle brakes. You will need a 7-Way Trailer Connector Plug (7-way plug) to power a brake controller system.


The 7-way plug provides auxiliary power for other functions as well, such as recharging camper batteries, activating a winch, powering interior lights in an enclosed trailer, or powering a wireless brake controller.

Do I need a brake controller?


It depends on a few general factors, but as a general rule, the following is considered: 

  • Is there an existing braking system on the trailer ? ("trailer" includes equipment like a camper or boat)

  • Is the existing braking system in good functioning order? (if your boat or camper has brakes, they should work)

  • Will you be towing more than 5000 pounds? 

  • Will what you are towing weigh more than what you will be towing it with?                                                

For example, if you are towing a 3500 pound trailer behind a vehicle that weighs 3000 pounds, your vehicle probably doesn't have enough stopping power on it's own to come to a stop in a safe distance.  It's worth mentioning that U-Haul and other most other trailer rental establishments do not have brakes on any of their trailers, regardless of trailer size. When brakes are present on these trailers, it's usually an inertia brake built into the trailer that doesn't require a controller inside the vehicle.  


Is a Wireless Brake Controller Safe?

Absolutely.  We exclusively install wireless brake controllers in vehicles that do not have a factory 7-way plug AND plug in for a brake controller.  We prefer them because they are roughly the same price as a traditional brake controller but can be used with any vehicle with an existing 7-way plug, providing the customer with greater long term value than a traditional brake controller. These brake controllers do not use Wi-Fi or internet to communicate.  The brake lights and actual braking function are powered with separate prongs in a 7-way plug.  A wireless brake controller is essentially a fancy "jumper wire" between these two prongs.  It uses Bluetooth technology to adjust the settings and send notifications to the user's phone.  Once set up, the controller saves the user's settings automatically and rarely needs to be adjusted again. We've even had customers who left home without their phones but still had working brakes on their trailers!  


I found roof rails and running boards online that are much cheaper than the ones you're quoting.  Will you install those instead?  


No.  We are aware of much cheaper options online, but these “knock offs” often fit poorly, are noisy, and far less durable.  We've even had customer's tell us the Amazon brand rails blew off their roof! For these reasons, we only install premium name brand rails and running boards.

If I buy my own parts will you install them?   

Yes.  However, purchasing your own parts will not significantly improve how quickly we can schedule an appointment. We charge a minimum fee for the site visit even if we can't perform the installation, so it's important to ensure that the parts you order are correct for your vehicle and did not get damaged in shipping. It's also important to note that we do not warranty parts that were not purchased through us.  

Can you uninstall a hitch from my vehicle and install it on a different vehicle? 

Sometimes., but typically only if both vehicles are a similar year, make and model.  Please contact us to determine compatibility. 

How soon can I get a hitch or other accessories installed? 

Because each product is specific to your vehicle year, make, and model, we don't order parts until you place a deposit.. Once we receive the parts, we will get in touch with you to schedule your installation. We're typically booked out one to two weeks. However, please let us know if you have an urgent need and we'll do our best to accommodate your request. 

Are you available for installations in the evenings or on weekends?

Yes, depending on the availability of our installers for after-hours work. Please note there is an additional fee for work performed outside of normal business hours, which are Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. 

Do you have parts in stock?

No.  Since we're a mobile service and we only perform installations by appointment, and we can typically get parts quicker than we have an available installation appointment, it just doesn't make sense to keep parts on hand.  This also reduces our overhead, saving the customer money.   

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