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Identical to the Curt Fixed Shank Cargo Carrier with one big difference: a folding shank right behind the basket that allows the basket to be folded up when not in use to reduce the overall footprint for easier parking.  The folding shank is also longer in length than the fixed shank, creating a larger gap between the vehicle and the basket that makes it easier for a person to get behind the basket and in the trunk of the vehicle when the basket is in use.  

Folding Shank Cargo Carrier

SKU: 18151
    • 60"x20"x6"
    • 1 Year Warranty on finish and parts
    • 58 lbs
    • Heavy duty construction of tubular steel with powder coat finish
    • May not work with vehicles that have spare tire mounted to the rear door (ex. Jeep Wrangler)
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